How to drive to your rental property

Finding you way to the rented holiday villa the easy way

You will discover that Spain has a very well organized infrastructure. But there are some differences in finding the correct address of your holiday villa using GPS. First of all there are the differences in how you write e.g. a street name. Usually the name of a street is preceded by ‘Calle’, meaning ‘street’. So ‘Calle de Madrid’ would mean ‘Madrid Street’. Easy enough.

There are more ways to name the same address… ¡¿say what!?

Yes, in Spain there are several ways to address a street. In some dialects the above mentioned ‘Calle’ is translated as ‘Camino’, ‘Carrer’ or ‘Cami’, etc. Try to enter ‘Calle Madrid’ in your GPS and you may not find it because it’s under ‘Carrer de Madrid’. Some properties do not even have a street address but are simply referred to as e.g. ‘Partida Montaña nr. 10’, which means ‘somewhere on the mountain-side nr. 10’. Good luck finding that when arriving in the dark.

To add to the confusion some road signs describe the name of the town in the local dialect. You’ll find he town of ‘Jávea’ is often road-signed as ‘Xábia’. All middle sized Spanish towns have but one postal code. So that’s no solution either. Of course all the villa’s have precise latitude and longitude coordinates. But have you ever tried entering those into the GPS of your own car? Hmm, not really. Imagine the challenge if the previous user of your rented vehicle set the car’s interface language to e.g. Swedish – it happens 🙁

Is there no solution to this? Yes there is and it’s called what3words.

How does this work? Well, some clever people with a vision drew up a grid and divided our globe into 3 x 3 meter squares. That’s a small enough resolution to find any spot on the world. Every single one of these squares has been assigned a unique 3-word identifier, for instance ‘elephant.wardrobe.heaven’. That easy to remember combination of words will lead you straight to the designated square i.e. your destination. This principle is so powerful and so easy to use that a huge company like Mercedes-Benz is equipping all its 2018 car models with this system, with more manufacturers to follow their trail.
Go to the website of what3words and read more about the possibilities. There’s even an app to install on your mobile device to easily navigate to the rented holiday villa. Each villa has been provided its 3-word reference so you’ll have no problem finding the correct location.