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Presenting the i-Moraira Team

It’s not often you deal with a business on a human, face to face level. Especially when it comes to holidays. This inspired us this little description of how we work.

The i-Moraira team likes to change the faceless approach when booking your next holiday villa. With the advent of the internet there are too many holiday companies based abroad, or in far-away places, very often representing villas they have never even visited!


With a portfolio of some of the finest holiday villas available, no middle men ánd knowledge of the surrounding areas (yes, we actually live in Moraira all year round), the i-Moraira team offers you a personable approach to booking your next luxury holiday villa.

Tell us your preferences. Where you’d like to eat. What your favorite activities are. We will endeavour to find you a luxury property within our portfolio that ticks all the right boxes. Unlike with many of our anonymous competitors, you will meet us personally and receive a proper villa handover. After that, you may relax, enjoy your holidays and leave the worries to us.

Upon arrival you will find a well prepared, clean holiday home, beds made up, water and some wine in the fridge (owner’s discretion), all ready to start the holiday.

We’d like you to create some wonderful memories of the time you spent under the roof of one of our villas, and make sure you’ll come back another time. By the way, that’s us below. So please feel free to say hi and let us know what you are looking for.

If you’re interested, please read some more regarding the values we adhere to when doing business.

About me

Although I’ve worked in large and demanding commercial environments, I have never lost sight of the mega importance of the small personal touches when dealing with customers. Together we’ll ensure that you will spend truly unforgettable holidays in Moraira or its immediate surroundings.

About me

Hi. My name is Maurice. Once you apply for a rental quotation then I’ll be preparing this. I’ll serve as your guide through the necessary administrative path of rental contracts, payments, etc. You can communicate with me in your own language without any problem. Together we’ll ensure that you will spend truly unforgettable holidays in beautiful Moraira or the surrounding areas.