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Useful information for holiday home owners

As an owner who wants to rent out the property to holiday makers, there are several options. Rent it out yourself or go into business with an agent.

Here's the thing. No matter how large and luxurious your property is, no matter how great the views, no matter how close to the Mediterranean... the "I want to come back" factor stands or falls by the experience of the clients.

It all goes hand-in-hand, and one cannot exist without the other.

  • Super property + mediocre service = bad experience. 
  • Mediocre property + super service = bad experience. 

Only the combination super property + super service yields a good experience for the customer.

We at i-Moraira are very aware of this and aim to achieve this for you.

What will you receive from i-Moraira when letting us market your property for rental? Some highlights:

  • A grammatically correct representation of your property in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.
  • Professional pictures of your property on our websites. (Professional video's and drone-filming on request).
  • An online bookings system with immediate price calculation and direct confirmation to the client.
  • Fast communication with potential clients in multiple languages.
  • A real-time availability calendar, kept up-to-date with all the connected holiday platforms.
  • Because of the connectivity possibilities to the large, international holiday letting platforms, your property will potentially be viewed by millions of interested travellers.

Moreover, you will get the personal attention of every member of the i-Moraira team. These people will make your guests feel as at home as if they were their own guests. It is the intention that your holiday villa together with our service will ensure that the customer has an excellent holiday experience. Everything is designed to ensure that the client shares his experiences with his social network, and of course likes to come back for another stay in your holiday villa.

Feel free to contact us without any obligation. We would be happy to visit you to get acquainted.