Holiday information on Moraira for accommodation rentals

Information for your stay in Moraira for accommodation rentals

How to make a reservation

Booking a holiday home on our website is very easy. 

Searching and finding a holiday home

There are two ways to quickly search online for a holiday home:

  1. With dates
    Enter the arrival- and the departure dates in the search fields on the homepage, and click on “Search”. A list of available accommodations will appear. You can refine your search results further by using the filters on the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Without dates
    Search our website without dates to find the accommodation(s) of your interest (you can refine your search later.) You can check the availability of every villa on the calendar and see which periods are still available.

Availability and booking

If you have found the  holiday vila of your choice and the desired  period is still available, then there are two possibilities:

1. The calendar is available for online bookings (you see white boxes)

  • If you had already entered dates, you can click on the “Book now” button. If not, then go to the calendar and select your arrival and departure date. The booking page will open automatically showing the price overview to which you can add extras if you wish.
  • Click on “Continue” to enter your personal details.
  • Click on “Continue” for a summary of your booking and to indicate how you wish to pay. If you agree, you can finalise the booking.
  • After finalising your booking, the payment page will open and you can print your booking confirmation form. This will also be send to you by email.
2. The availability is upon request (you see yellow boxes)
  • This means that, before you can book, we need to check the availability for the requested period.
  • A price overview will be presented. Enter your personal details and click on “Send”.
  • Once we know if the holiday home is available or not, we will immediately contact you to inform you.

More information

If you have questions or need more information about this accommodation, please click on “Contact” and we will contact you shortly.

Hold an option for 3 days

For periods in which the calendar is open for online bookings, you can also choose to hold an option for 3 days. This means that we will place your reservation on hold for up to 3 days, free of charge, during which you will have the time to consult with your family, arrange flight tickets, etc.